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Why Use Spinner Rings? 4 Benefits of This Functional, Fashionable Jewelry

Why use spinner rings? Because of the benefits, of course!

Spinner rings are widely used for their outstanding assistance in reducing feelings of stress or anxiety. Whether caused by a situational issue or a mental disorder, spinner rings can provide relief by using up the excess negative energy and refocusing the brain, engaging it in the now and not what “what ifs” often associated with anxiety and stress. 

Using a spinner ring is more than ridding oneself of excess energy by fidgeting with the tool. It is also great for promoting better concentration, which can be a focusing mechanism for individuals with ADHD, called self-stimulatory behavior, or ADHD stimming. For individuals with ADHD, stimming can promote better focus, though other forms of this behavior can be unhealthy or excessive. 

This article talks about the four benefits of spinner rings and how adding a fashionable and functional jewelry item can help you! 

First - What is a Spinner Ring, Exactly?

So, first off, what are spinner rings?

Spinner rings are a type of ring made with a spinning band in the center that can be made of different kinds of material, like metal or stone. The outer band is often stationary and can be decorated with jewels or engraved designs. The visual effect and the access to fidget with the moveable inner ring are believed to have calming properties to relieve anxiety or restlessness. 

Why Use Spinner Rings? 4 Ways to Improve Your Life With This Jewelry  

Do anxiety rings work, or why use a spinner ring for anxiety relief rather than other methods? We’re here to show you how spinner rings can improve your life with this simple yet effective piece of jewelry! 

Say Goodbye to Anxiety and Stress

Spinner rings are an easy way to reduce symptoms of anxiety and stress. Anxiety is one of the most common mental health disorders, affecting up to 30% of adults. Focusing excess energy and roiling thoughts on moving the band on the spinner ring can help use up anxious energy and distract the mind. But, of course, it’s recommended to consult your doctor before supplementing with a spinner ring to address any underlying concerns or unhealthy habits. 

Enhance Your Focus & Concentration Effortlessly

The spinner ring can enhance your focus and empower better concentration throughout the day. For example, twisting and spinning the moveable inner ring of the spinner ring can help the brain stay engaged in conversations, which can be extremely helpful for individuals with ADHD. Of course, this can also be beneficial when performing tasks you may struggle to focus on! 

Improve Your Mindfulness or Meditation Practice

Spinner rings also help improve mindfulness, which can be helpful in meditation practice. Using the spinner to improve concentration and release excess energy can be an anchoring technique to ground oneself in the present. The spinner ring can calm the mind for a more fluid transition to better sink into one’s meditation practice. 

Add Some Flair to Your Look While Attaining All These Benefits!

There are different ways to make your spinner ring your own, like a DIY spinner ring from fidget spinner! Adding flair, or buying one that has the flair special for you, to your spinner ring can be a fashionable and accessible way to achieve the benefits of this magnificent tool. Whether it be bejeweled or engraved, or the material used for the spinner like silver or gold, there are quite a few eye-catching methods to blinging your spinner ring while enjoying the health benefits. 

Now That You Know Why You Should Use a Spinner Ring, What’s Next?

Knowing the benefits of using a spinner ring, there’s no doubt you would want one of your own. That’s why we’ve compiled this informative list of the following steps to start showing off and using your spinner ring as soon as possible! 

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Quick Tips on Using the Ring & Caring For it

There can be a lot of questions on how to use a spinner ring and adequately care for it. On our blog, we answer questions like what finger to wear spinner rings on and resizing spinner rings to provide a fidget spinner alternative to access the benefits associated with these tools. 

If you want to learn how to clean spinner rings and fix spinner rings, we have the best informative posts on how to get the most out of these powerful products. For example, properly cleaning your spinner ring can extend its life and prolong its quality. You never want to use harsh substances on your spinner ring, which can damage the product. 

Final Thoughts on Why You Should Use Spinner Rings

Throughout this article, we answered why you should use spinner rings. From relieving anxiety and stress to improving focus and concentration, spinner rings can benefit individuals struggling with ADHD, anxiety, or stress. 

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Enjoy the benefits of reduced stress and enhanced focus today with Ideaure’s fashionable spinner rings! 

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