Fidget Spinner Alternative: The Best Way to Keep Anxiety at Bay & Increase Focus

Fidget Spinner Alternative: The Best Way to Keep Anxiety at Bay & Increase Focus

Fidget spinners have been the go-to choice for those who need something to help with anxiety, stress, autism, and other nerve-racking conditions. But that’s about to change.

Although they've been around since the early 80s, fidget spinners took over the world around 2017; Everybody seemed to have one, with people showing theirs off on popular social platforms. The fidget spinner was promoted worldwide as an inexpensive antidote for people with anxiety and neurodivergent conditions like ADHD and Autism. They are also claimed to have a nerve-calming effect that helps users to regain focus. 

Fidget spinners are great; however, they are not the best choice to help you find calm in this day and age. In fact, there is an ultimate fidget spinner alternative that performs similar functions but comes with some added benefits.

Want to discover the best alternative to fidget spinners? Read all through to find out why you should ditch your fidget spinner for one of these alternatives.

A Brief Overview of Fidget Spinners

Fidget spinners are three-sided propeller toys that aid increased focus for people with ADHD, autism, anxiety, stress, and other nerve disorders. According to scientists, the benefits of these gadgets are yet to be proven, but some users' testimonies say otherwise. 

They claimed it had a calming effect and helped them to regain their focus. Because of such testimonies, the popularity of the fidget spinners grew as more people, kids and adults alike, adopted these gadgets.

There are two ways to use the fidget spinner; 

Using The Fidget Spinner With Two Hands

You can use both to control the fidget spinner when you have your two hands free. According to users, this method helps them focus better as it completely removes all their attention from issues causing uneasiness. This, of course, means that you will not really be able to do anything else that involves the use of your hands. But you could think, read, and talk when using the fidget spinner this way if it does not distract you.

To use it, you have to hold the center axis with your thumb and the middle or index finger, then flick it with your other hand. Using the fidget spinner this way usually allows you to spin it faster and easier. However, you could use the second method if you don't have your two hands free.

Using The Fidget Spinner With One Hand

If you prefer to have your other hand free, you can spin the fidget spinner with one hand. The perk of this method is that you can do something else with the free hand, like carrying an item while spinning the fidget spinner.

To use it, simply hold the center axis with your thumb and middle finger, then flick with your index finger. This method can be quite tricky, but with just a little practice, you'll get the fidget spinner spinning fast in no time.

Benefits Of The Fidget Spinner 

Based on the feedback from users, the following are the perks of using the fidget spinner;

  • It helps to calm the nerves: For people with anxiety issues, the fidget spinner is a distraction to keep their minds off the cause.
  • It distracts from an autistic episode: People with autism usually have meltdowns when they don't know how to cope with a situation. The fidget spinner can help them focus on something other than the issue.
  • It sharpens the user's focus: People who have difficulty concentrating can use the spinner to redirect their minds to the task. This is possible due to the fidget spinner's calming effect on the mind.

If these gadgets have the above benefits, why should you look for an alternative to fidget spinner? See the reason in the next section.

Why Should You Seek an Alternative to Fidget Spinners?

Despite all the benefits that the fidget spinner has, it still falls short in many ways, such as;

They’re too Easy to Lose During Your Travels

Fidget spinners are small, light objects that can fit in even when space is limited. However, you can easily forget to pack them on a trip. You have to make a conscious effort not to forget them each time- but because they don’t attach to your body, it’s easy to forget them and leave them behind.

Not as Convenient to Use Throughout the Day

Another reason you may need to consider a fidget spinner alternative is its convenience. Fidget spinners require a lot of flicking and, at the same time, stationary positioning of your fingers to use. That makes them unsuitable for extended use as your hand muscles can get tired easily or feel discomfort in the course.

They Have a Stigma Around Them

Because of their popularity and purported benefits, fidget spinners easily fit the stereotypical image of dorky toys for kids. They became associated with nerve disorders, like ADHD and autism, so when a kid has one, they easily become an object of teasing among their peers.

All the reasons listed above call for a fidget spinner alternative because they defeat the purpose of a fidget gadget. That is why we are here to introduce you to the best fidget gadget that rises above all the shortcomings of the fidget spinner. 

Ready to switch gears? See the next section for our ultimate reveal of the best alternative to fidget spinner.

There is a Better Alternative to Fidget Spinners…Introducing the Spinner Ring

Fidget spinners have some unavoidable disadvantages. Luckily, it is not the only stress relief gadget available. There is a better way to achieve the benefits of fidget spinners - and that is with an anxiety spinner ring. Before we go into the reasons, let's see what spinner rings are all about.

What are spinner rings? Spinner rings are two banded rings -one small and the other one a bit larger. The two bands are positioned such that the outer one can rotate around the smaller one when twisted. 

The spinner ring helps combat anxiety and other nerve conditions, just like other fidget gadgets. Twisting it around the finger is similar to using stress balls, fidget spinners, biting the nails, pacing, and other anxiety-coping skills. However, the spinner ring has even more perks than most combined.

What Makes These Rings The Best Fidget Spinner Alternative?

Many other gadgets can replace the fidget spinner available today. However, here's why we chose spinner rings as the best replacement for the fidget spinner;

They Sit Right on Your Finger for Effortless Use Throughout the Day

Spinner rings are always there when you need them. They fit on your finger any time, any day, so you can worry less about losing them. Unlike the fidget spinners, there is a fat chance that the ring is always with you when packing for a trip. 

Rings are more like a part of your dress -So, as long as you dress up, you will almost always remember to slip one on your finger, even in a hurry. 

Using the spinner ring is also effortless. You don't have to use your muscles as actively as when spinning a fidget spinner. That makes them worthy stress managers to use throughout the day without discomfort.

They’re Absolutely Gorgeous!

Spinner rings can be anything you want them to be, from fashion accessories to anxiety management gadgets. You can choose stylish spinner rings that complement your outfits and still use them when anxious. People engrave special texts, like their initials, encouraging quotes, fingerprints of loved ones, family names, bible verses, and more, to enhance the calming effect of the rings further.

The bottom line is that spinner rings are not gloomy-looking gadgets- They can be gorgeous and fashionable. Also, since rings are usually fashion accessories, people would hardly associate them with nerve disorders, like the fidget spinner.

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