What Finger Do You Wear a Spinner Ring on?

What Finger Do You Wear a Spinner Ring on?

Spinner rings have more significance than an average ring. They can be used for anything from meditation, anxiety, and prayer to fashion and heirlooms.

First and foremost, though, these rings are designed to help you manage anxiety and enjoy a sense of calm throughout the day.

But, this begs an important question. What finger do you wear a spinner ring on? We'll cover what you need to know on the topic.

Why Spinner Rings Have Taken the World by Storm

It's easy to understand why spinner rings are popular once you see the benefits they have offer. So, before we dive any deeper, let's talk about what spinner rings are all about.

Spinner rings are usually two banded rings with one of their bands slightly smaller than the other to allow spinning. However, today there are other designs of the spinner rings like beaded metals loosely fitted around a thin metal band. Whatever the design is, a spinner ring should spin when you move the outer band.

Spinner rings have several perks. Some of them are;

Anxiety management

Spinner rings are said to help anxiety because the spinning motion has a calming effect on the wearer. It is similar to other anxiety management practices like biting your fingernails, pacing, or twirling your hair with your finger. 


Just because spinner rings have such handy functions doesn't mean they stand out oddly. Their beautiful design makes them fashionable and they easily complement any outfit that you wear. That means, your spinner ring can be a fashion ring and also serve as an anxiety management ring at the same time.


Jeweled, engraved, and/or specially designed spinner rings can also serve as an heirloom. If you maintain a proper cleaning routine for the spinner ring, it will stay in the family for years to come. And, of course, it has to be authentic to last that long.

Prayer and Meditation

Spinner rings are used for spiritual purposes like meditation and prayer. They are a modern version of the much bigger Tibetan prayer wheel. Christians also use spinner rings with holy relics when praying, just like rosaries.

With all the benefits above, it's not hard to see why spinner rings have taken the world by storm. People choose spinner rings because of their multiple functions. Its anxiety management prowess, especially, is one way to reduce stress healthily.

That said, what finger do you wear a spinner ring on? See the answer to that in the next section. 

What Finger Do You Wear a Spinner Ring on?

Unlike engagement rings and wedding bands, spinner rings don't have a designated finger that they should be worn. So, there is no specific answer to the question: which finger should you wear a spinner ring on? 

You can wear it on whichever finger it feels comfortable on. Some choose to wear it on the thumb, while some prefer the middle finger. In the end, It's up to you to decide where it best fits. Sometimes, the finger you wear your spinner wrong is determined by where it fits. For instance, if your other fingers are too small for the ring, your thumb automatically becomes the best option.

Also, if you are part of a spiritual group, there may be a designated finger for your meditation or prayer spinner ring. Simply ask the leader or other members about it.

Other Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your Spinning Ring

Spinner rings are great pieces to have because of their amazing functions. They are available in diverse designs, from simple stainless rings to exquisite and engraved pieces. So, whether you are getting them to manage stress, meditate, or stay in vogue, spinner rings are up to the task.

The following tips will help you get the most out of your spinner ring when you get one;

  • It is always best to get a meditation ring that fits your finger. Although some spinner rings are resizable, there are some that you can't adjust. So, it's safer to buy a piece that fits. 
  • Always clean your spinner ring to prevent dirt from building up and obstructing its spinning prowess.
  • We advise that you wear your rings after applying body cream and dressing up. That will help protect the ring from discoloration and rust.
  • If your spinner ring ever stops spinning, see tips on how to fix them in our how to fix spinner rings article. 
  • Don't wear your spinner ring when engaging in activities that can cause damage, like gardening and sports.
  • Store your spinner ring correctly to prevent it from getting damaged or lost. Never keep different metal jewelry pieces together to avoid discoloration. 

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Which Finger Should You Wear a Spinner Ring on? Wrapping Things Up

To wrap up our article on which finger should you wear your spinner ring on; Spinner rings don't have a designated finger that they should be worn on. So, unless you belong to a spiritual group where there is a special finger for your spinner ring, you can wear them on your thumb, index, middle, or any finger as preferred.

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