How to Fix a Spinner Ring Quickly & Easily

How to Fix a Spinner Ring Quickly & Easily

A functioning spinner ring is a great asset for anxiety management, meditation, fashion, and more. But, when the ring gets broken, all these benefits may temporarily or permanently go out the window. 

Although quality spinner rings are usually durable, that doesn’t mean they’re invincible. They could become stuck and stop spinning, get run over by a vehicle, or get disbanded. While some of the damages are solvable with simple fixes, others require professional help - while others simply cannot be fixed. At that point, you’ll need to replace your spinner ring altogether, unfortunately. 

But don’t give up hope quite yet. We’re here to help.

If you are wondering whether your spinner ring can be fixed, we are here to help. Go through this quick read to find out if your spinner ring is repairable, how to fix a spinner ring in simple steps- if it is fixable, and what to do when your spinner ring is unfixable.

First thing first - what are spinner rings in the first place? 

First Things First - What Exactly Are Spinner Rings?

Spinner rings go by different names- worry rings, meditation rings, and prayer rings- all derived from different uses of the spinner rings. Some people use them while praying, some for meditation, some to manage anxiety, and others purely for fashion.

If you don't know what spinner rings are, a perfect description of these rings is that they have two bands, one small and the other a bit larger. The structure of the spinner rings allows the outer band to spin around the smaller one when twisted.

The most popular reason people choose the spinner ring is that it helps to subdue anxiety. Twisting the spinner ring is equivalent to biting the nails, pacing, and other anxiety management practices. However, spinner rings are one of the best options to help anxiety since they do not cause any harm while relieving tension.

Additionally, some people engrave special texts on their spinner rings to increase their calming effect. Some of the things you can inscribe include; 

  • The fingerprint, names, or initials of loved ones
  • Bible verses, cross, and other religious representations
  • Texts that encourage you
  • Family name for heirlooms

Most of our spinner rings at Ideaure are uniquely designed and carry special meanings to help project how you feel. You can choose one of those or request a custom-made design.

Now - with that introduction out of the way, can you fix a broken spinner ring?

Can You Fix a Broken Spinner Ring?

As we stated earlier, fixing your broken spinner ring depends on the extent of the damage - if it is severely broken, for instance, when it gets run over by a vehicle, it’s unlikely you can fix the issue. There are also situations where you need a professional jewelry repair to help with the fix, like when it gets disbanded.

However, If by fix you mean restoring the spinning capabilities, yes - it is possible with a DIY method. Most times, the inability of your spinner ring to spin is caused by a minor obstruction or a slight dent in one of the bands. 

Either way, we know just what you need to restore the spinning prowess of your spinner ring. Read below to see how to fix a spinner ring that has stopped spinning in quick, easy steps.

How to Fix a Spinner Ring & Get it Working Like New

The fix to get your spinner ring spinning again is quite straightforward. All the items you need to make it happen are things used around your house every day. They include a bowl, mild liquid soap, warm water, a paper towel, and lubricants. 

To restore the spinning ability of your spinner ring, you have to clean it, then lubricate it. When you have all the items above ready, use the steps below to repair your spinner rings.

Cleaning Your Spinner Ring

Cleaning your spinner ring helps to remove any deposits that may cause friction between the bands. You will need a bowl, warm water, and liquid soap.

Follow the steps below to clean your spinner ring;

  • Pour warm water into the bowl: Ensure that the water is warm and skin-friendly, not extremely hot.
  • Apply some mild liquid soap: Your dishwashing soap should do just fine here.
  • Mix the soapy water together until some bubbles get formed on the surface.
  • Drop your spinner ring into the bowl and soak for three to five minutes.
  • Still submerged, start twisting the spinner ring back and forth repeatedly until it becomes unstuck. 
  • Remove the spinner ring from the bowl and rinse with clean, warm water

After following the steps above, your spinner ring should be spinning better already. The next thing to do is lubricate the ring. Here's why;

Lubricating The Spinner Ring

Adding some lubricant to your spinner ring helps to remove friction, prevent rust, and give it a shiny appearance. Also, after washing your spinner ring, water gets logged between the band and causes some friction. In fact, if left like that, it can lead to rust which may stop your spinner ring from spinning smoothly again. 

Although any form of lubrication will do, we advise that you keep any heavily perfumed substance or laced with chemicals away from your spinner ring. Such lubricants can cause layers of the metal to peel off or speed up rust.

Instead, use vegetable-based, essential oils, or industrial grease with a mild combo, like silicon spray.

See how to apply some lubricants to your spinner ring below;

  • Apply a little lubricant to the ring: If possible, use an applicator to ensure that the lubrication reaches the space between the two bands.
  • Twist the spinner ring back and forth until the movement is smooth.
  • Remove excess lubricant from the ring with your paper towel or a dry, clean cloth.

What if I am Unable to Fix My Broken Spinner Ring?

If you cannot fix your broken spinner ring with the method we provided above, take it to a professional repairer. They are experienced and can easily tell if your spinner ring is fixable. 

To prevent issues like the above, we often advise that people buy their jewelry from a trusted source. Chances are if your ring broke, you didn’t shop at Ideaure. Our spinner rings, among other types of rings, are made to last for a lifetime. 

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Closing Thoughts on How to Fix a Spinner Ring

Did your spinner ring stop spinning? The method that we have provided above will help remedy the situation. And if your ring is actually broken, you may need to take it to a pro repairer to take care of it because our fix only works for a spinner ring that isn't spinning smoothly. 

Did you enjoy reading our article on how to fix a spinner ring?  

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