How to Make a Ring Out of a Fidget Spinner

How to Make a Ring Out of a Fidget Spinner

Fidget spinners are one of the most popular anxiety management gadgets around. They can help you focus and keep your anxiety at bay when you use them correctly. However, fidget spinners are not ideal for daily use - while you’re at work or school, or even while traveling.  

Due to these shortcomings, many are seeking a better way to reap the benefits of fidget spinners. One such way is by making a fidget spinner ring. This is something you can do yourself - and today, we’ll guide you through the process. Read through to see how to make a ring out of a fidget spinner ring!

Why Learn How to Make a Ring Out of a Fidget Spinner?

The introduction of fidget spinner rings is an imitation of a standard spinner ring, a popular fidget spinner alternative. When you add a ring to your fidget spinner, it simply becomes wearable on your ringer and operates similarly to a spinner ring.

So, how do spinner rings work? Spinner rings are similar to your regular rings, but they have a spinning functionality. Due to the spinning ability of spinner rings, they have several perks, like;

  • Anxiety management: A spinner ring can help take your mind off the cause of your anxiety and help you to contain it. It will distract you from the nerve-racking issue and allow you to think more rationally.
  • Enhances your focus: If you have difficulty concentrating at work, school, or meetings, a spinner ring can help redirect your mind from distractions. It helps you to calm your mind and focus on the tasks at hand, thereby increasing productivity.
  • Distracts from autistic episodes: Autistic episodes usually happen when a person with autism encounters a situation they don't know how to handle.  With a spinner ring, such a person can divert their attention from the issue and prevent an episode from occurring.
  • Complements your fits: Along with health benefits, a spinner ring can also work like your regular rings. They are made in fashionable designs that complement your outfits beautifully.
  • Suitable for an extended period: Unlike fidget spinners, you can use your spinner ring effortlessly all day long. You can wear these on your fingers like any other ring, making it almost impossible to forget them when packing for a trip.

The biggest advantage the spinner ring has over a fidget spinner is its ease of use. You simply wear it on your finger - no need to carry it around in a pocket or bag all day and pull it out for use. 

So, to upgrade your fidget spinner for prolonged use, you have to make a ring that allows it to sit on your fingers. Ready to learn the hack? Read further to see how to make a ring out of your fidget spinner ring in the next few sections.

Can You Actually Make a Spinner Ring From a Fidget Spinner?

Can you actually make a spinner ring from a fidget spinner? You can try, but you’ll never get the real deal! 

Spinner rings are uniquely made using a technique that allows them to spin effortlessly. In other words, adding a ring to your fidget spinner will not turn it into a spinner ring. A spinner ring is much smaller, easier to spin, and more sophisticated than a fidget spinner.

That said, we recommend you simply spend the money to buy a legitimate spinner ring - and we’ll explain where you can do just that towards the end of this article. First, let's show you how to make a ring out of a fidget spinner.

How to Make a Ring Out of a Fidget Spinner: Step-by-Step Guide

Here are the items you need to add a ring to your fidget spinner;

  • A ring pop plastic ring
  • Glue
  • Fidget spinner
  • Knife 
  • Heat source 

When you have all the materials above available, follow the steps below to add a ring to give your fidget spinner a cute little ring;

Step 1: Remove the finger pads from your fidget spinner 

The first thing you should do is take out the finger pads on your fidget spinner. The finger pads are the two plastics on opposite sides of the fidget spinner where you place your fingers when spinning. Ensure they aren't destroyed while taking them out because you will still need them later.

Step 2: Insert the ring pop plastic ring into the fidget spinner

Since you have removed the finger pads, there will be a hole in between your fidget spinner. Wear your ring, and insert its stem into the vacant hole in the center of your fidget spinner. If there is an excess stem sticking out, heat your knife and cut it off. 

Step 3: Glue the plastic ring's stem to the fidget spinner center

After cutting the ring's stem to the right size, use some glue to hold it at the center of the spinner ring. Ensure that you do not spill the glue over the rotating part of the fidget spinner to avoid stopping its spinning movement.

Step 4: Use the finger pad that fits to cover the top of the fidget spinner.

To achieve a neat job, take your finger pad( the one with a broader mouth) and cover up the top part of your fidget spinner's hole. That helps conceal the gadget's inner mechanism and make it look more natural.

There! Your fidget spinner ring is done.

Want to Enjoy the Benefits of a Spinning Ring Without Having to Make Your Own?

It is important to note that adding a ring to your fidget spinner ring does not bring it up to par with a spinner ring. It is only an improvization to make it more usable. In the end, getting a spinner ring that offers more advantages and a longer life for the best results is much better.

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Wrapping Up Our Guide on How to Make a Ring Out of a Fidget Spinner

Fidget spinners are nice to have, but they don't have the advantages of spinner rings. So, instead of making a ring out of your fidget spinner, go for a spinner ring instead. It is more durable, has more perks, and does not cost much. 

Don't forget to shop for the best spinner ring for anxiety management, fashion, and focus from Ideaure. We also sell exquisite ring varieties, including Christian rings for women, gemstone rings for women, and mixed metal rings

Whether you need a ring for your engagement, as an accessory, or as a gift for your loved ones, we have the rings of your dreams.

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