How to Use a Spinner Ring

How to Use a Spinner Ring to Relieve Anxiety and Stress While Enhancing Focus

Want to know how to use a spinner ring? Then, you’ve come to the right place to find out!

Spinner rings are not only a fun addition to one’s jewelry collection - they also assist in reducing symptoms of anxiety and stress while functioning to promote concentration and focus.

For individuals that struggle with anxiety or ADHD, spinner rings can be a healthy coping mechanism for combatting symptoms. For example, an individual with ADHD might benefit from a spinner ring by twiddling the jewelry piece, known as stimming or self-stimulatory behavior, to encourage a better focus on tasks or stay in the now with conversations. 

If a spinner ring sounds like something that can benefit you, keep reading this article to learn how to use a spinner ring to relieve anxiety and stress while enhancing focus! 

Why Learn How to Use a Spinner Ring?

First and foremost, before getting into what they can do for you, what are spinner rings? A type of ring, the spinner ring, contains two bands: an outer stationary band and an inner band that moves. 

There are different designs for spinner rings, as they can be made bejeweled or engraved or from various materials, such as silver or gold. Numerous benefits coincide with using a spinner ring, which we will discuss below! 

Eliminate Anxiety & Stress From Your Life

You may be wondering, do anxiety rings work? We’re here to prove that they do!

Of course, we recommend consulting your doctor first if you’re struggling with anxiety for a professional opinion on how to proceed. Using an anxiety ring is not a cure. However, it is a helpful coping mechanism for releasing excess energy that often arises when struggling with anxious thoughts or situations.

Compared to other, less healthy coping mechanisms, a spinner ring can be a healthier alternative to relieving anxiety symptoms of nervous energy and activating the brain to engage in the present. 

Improve Concentration

Using a spinner ring can help improve concentration and reset focus. For example, activating intention by spinning or twiddling with the spinner ring can promote better focus in the present to help concentrate on conversations or tasks. 

How to Use a Spinner Ring: Tips for Maximizing the Benefits of Your Jewelry

Want some helpful tips on how to use a spinner ring? Below we’ve compiled informative steps and suggestions on maximizing the benefits of your spinner ring jewelry! 

First - Get a Quality Spinner Ring at Ideaure Jewelry!

The first thing you need to know is where to buy spinner rings and just any kind, but the best spinner ring out there to achieve the full range of benefits from your jewelry. 

Boasting high-quality spinner rings for women, Ideaure’s jewelry is designed with practicality, affordability, and fashionability in mind. Made from sterling silver or gold, our spinner rings have been masterfully crafted and designed with the finest detail and attention so that your spinner ring will last a lifetime and provide access to this amazing jewelry piece's benefits.

So whether you want to relieve anxiety or promote better focus, Ideaure’s fashionable spinner rings are the best choice! 

Does it Matter Which Hand or Finger You Wear it On?

Want to know what finger to wear spinner rings on? Then, we’ve got you covered!

Unlike engagement rings or wedding bands, there are no designated fingers on which to wear a spinner ring. Instead, you decide what finger to wear it on. Next, choose the correct sizing for your spinner ring, depending on which finger you choose. When resizing spinner rings, it’s best to get it right the first time to prevent having to resize the spinner ring, which depending on the ring, can affect how the inner ring twists. 

Use It To Relieve Stress Or Promote Focus

Designed to be fiddled with, spinner rings are great for promoting focus and relieving stress. All you need to do is spin the ring. It helps to change directions to keep your brain activated and focused on the motion. This can refocus the brain on other tasks and engage it in the present. 

Make It Last Longer By Cleaning It

Our blog provides in-depth information on how to care for and clean spinner rings. By caring for your spinner ring, you are extending its lifespan and quality. This jewelry requires conscientious care to prevent the spinner ring from becoming rusty or stiff to continue moving smoothly while maintaining its high-quality appearance. 

How to Fix A Spinner Ring

Knowing how to fix spinner rings can be highly beneficial if the problem arises, although this may often depend on the extent of the damage to the ring. Most often, if a problem arises with the inner ring and how well it spins, this can be an easy adjustment to make. However, if you run over the ring with your car…that damage will likely not be so fixable. 

Add Some Personal Flair

And if you’re looking for a fidget spinner alternative, on our blog, we discuss a DIY spinner ring from fidget spinner option to make your own! There are so many variations of spinner rings, each with unique touch and flair, that you can make yours. Adding a personal touch to it can make it a fluid addition to your everyday routine and jewelry piece to aid in soothing anxiety or to enhance concentration. 

Closing Thoughts on How to Use a Spinner Ring

Throughout this article, we explored how to use a spinner ring to access its benefits of relieving anxiety and stress or promoting better focus and concentration. Delivering the best high-quality spinner rings with a fashionable and classy touch, Ideaure’s spinner rings are an addition that can seamlessly help you combat stress and distractions with everyday situations like work, conversations, and staying on task. 

And at Ideaure, we do more than make the best spinner rings. Our collections also extend to gemstone rings for women, Christian rings, and mixed metal ring accessories - each made with the utmost quality and favorable designs that are eye-catching and long-lasting. So by purchasing one of Ideaure’s spinner rings, you can achieve the benefits of this elegant piece of jewelry today - and upgrade your concentration skills during work! 

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