Why Isn't My Spinner Ring Spinning

Why Isn't My Spinner Ring Spinning? 4 Potential Causes (and How to Fix the Issue)

You bought your spinner ring because the spinning function helps you curb anxious feelings throughout the day and encourage focus. So - when your ring stops spinning the way it once did, it can be very frustrating. What's the point in a spinner ring that doesn't spin?! You might as well just wear basic gemstone rings at that point.

That's why today, we're going to address one of the most common questions we get asked. Why isn't my spinner ring spinning?

Every situation is different, but there are four common causes of this problem:

  1. The ring is dirty and needs to be cleaned
  2. The ring is bent and needs to be fixed (or replaced)
  3. Your ring isn't correctly sized
  4. Your ring is cheap and lacks the proper design for effortless spinning

We'll unpack all of these potential causes in greater detail in the paragraphs to follow. You'll also learn the solutions to each of these problems - so you can get back to reaping the benefits spinner rings have to offer.

Before we get into all that, let's go over the purpose of spinner rings to help those who are new to this type of jewelry understand why a stuck spinner ring is such a problem in the first place. 

Why a Spinner Ring That Doesn't Spin is Utterly Useless

If you're new to this type of jewelry, we recommend you take a look at our beginner's guide to spinner rings. This resource will fully educate you on what these anxiety rings are all about - and what they can do for you. But, we'll highlight the purpose of spinning rings as concisely as possible below. This will help you understand why a spinner ring that doesn't spin is completely and utterly useless.

Spinner rings are intended to help those with anxiety focus their attention on something else. As the outer band spins around the inner rings, it provides a distracting mechanism for anxious feelings - so sufferers can remain calm and focused despite whatever situation they may be in. It's why we often refer to these rings as "anxiety spinner rings."

If your ring won't spin, however, you're stuck in an anxious state - unable to reap the full benefits of this unique jewelry. That's why it's so important to get your ring spinning again - no matter what caused it to stop spinning in the first place. Plus, when you buy jewelry to help with anxiety, and it doesn't actually help your anxiety, it can actually lead to more anxious feelings - creating more harm than it solves. Fortunately, you'll be well on your way to restoring the spinning function on your ring shortly.

Why Isn't My Spinner Ring Spinning?

So...why isn't my spinner ring spinning? Now that you understand why having a stuck spinner ring is such a problem, let's go over the four common causes of this issue in greater detail. Let's start with the most common cause of a stuck spinner ring - which is also the easiest to solve - a dirty ring.

The Ring is Dirty and Needs to be Cleaned

Whether you wear your spinner ring every day or only on special occasions, dirt can accumulate over time - preventing the rings from spinning as freely as they should. Fortunately, this is one of the easiest problems to solve - all you need to do is get some warm water and a gentle jewelry cleaner (like baking soda). Then, follow these steps to get your ring spinning again in no time:

  1. Submerge the ring in warm water and let it sit for a few minutes
  2. Add a small dollop of gentle jewelry cleaner (like baking soda) to the water
  3. Gently scrub the ring with a soft toothbrush
  4. Rinse

Once your ring is nice and clean, you can give it a chance to dry before adding some lubricant. This will help it spin more freely and is one of the best ways to maximize the potential of your ring.

These tips should have your ring spinning like it is brand new again. If you want to take things even further, read our complete guide on how to clean spinner rings. There, you'll also learn tips to prevent dirt from accumulating in your spinner ring in the future.

But what if you take the time to clean your ring, and alas - it still isn't spinning? It could be that the ring itself is damaged - keep reading to learn more...

The Ring is Bent or a Bearing is Broken and Needs to be Fixed or Replaced

Unfortunately, sometimes a bent or damaged spinner ring won't spin even after it's been cleaned with warm water and jewelry cleaner. This usually means that there's something wrong with the ring itself - either one of the bearings is broken, or it's been bent out of shape.

If this is why your spinner ring isn't spinning, you have two options to get it working properly again: fix it or replace it. If you feel comfortable disassembling and reassembling the spinner ring yourself - then great! You can easily purchase bearing replacements online and repair your ring with a few basic tools. Then, read our complete guide on how to fix spinner rings.

Alternatively, if that sounds too complicated for you - no biggie! You can just buy a new spinner ring from Ideaure Jewelry - our anxiety rings are all made with high-quality materials and long-lasting bearings so they won't require frequent repairs.

These rings spin effortlessly and are sure to stand the test of time - providing you with benefits for years to come. The best part is how gorgeous they are. We'll talk more about why our rings belong in your life later on.

Your Ring Isn't Correctly Sized

The last potential culprit for why your spinner ring isn't spinning as it should is that it's simply not sized correctly. If the ring is too tight, it won't spin freely. There is nothing worse than waiting for your new ring to arrive only to discover you sized one size too small!

This begs the question - can rings be made smaller? Sometimes - but in the case of spinner rings, it's rare. We suggest taking your ring to a jewelry store where they can adjust it for you with ease. That way, your ring still fits securely on your finger - but also spins effortlessly whenever you need some help calming down.

And if you discover that you're unable o get your ring resized without compromising the spinning ability, simply head over to Ideaure. We're just about ready to introduce you to your new favorite functional jewelry. First, - let's talk about the final cause of a spinner ring that won't spin.

The Spinner Ring Quality Is Low

It should come as no surprise that not all spinner rings are created equal. Sure, you can find a cheap ring for under $10 - but trust us, you get what you pay for. Maybe you're experiencing this yourself right now - as cheap spinner rings simply lack the spinning action that higher-end rings do. You may be disappointed at how slowly your ring spins. It may even be more of a distraction than a tool to help curb anxiety and boost focus.

If you want to get the most out of your spinner ring - then why not invest in a higher-end one? That's exactly what you'll find in our catalog at Ideaure Jewelry. So - with that said, allow us to introduce you to your new favorite jewelry brand...

Get the Best Spinning Rings at Ideaure Jewelry

At Ideaure Jewelry, we have some of the finest anxiety rings on the market. Our rings are made with superior materials that last for years, and each one is designed with precision technology, and craftsmanship. Plus, they're beautiful!

These luxurious rings will provide you with benefits far beyond just spinning action. They'll look gorgeous when worn alone or can be paired nicely with other jewelry pieces for an effortlessly chic look.

So why wait? Get the most unique spinner rings for anxiety at Ideaure Jewelry and make anxious, restless feelings a thing of the past.

You'll never have to worry about these sensations interrupting your daily life with one of our masterfully crafted rings on your finger - just fidget with it and feel it all melt away. Plus, the designs of our rings are elegant and stunning - you'll be scoring compliments left and right. Shop now and treat yourself - you'll be glad you went with Ideaure.

Closing Thoughts on Why Your Spinner Ring isn't Spinning

We hope you've learned why your spinner ring isn't spinning and what you can do about it. There are several possible causes for why your ring won't spin - from dirt to incorrect sizing to low quality. You can fix the issue yourself by cleaning or adjusting the size, or you can get a better-quality replacement from Ideaure Jewelry.

Whichever option you choose - we guarantee that our rings will be some of the best on the market! Treat yourself today and stock up on beautiful, unique anxiety rings at Ideaure Jewelry. We make sure that each one is crafted with care and precision so that it won't just look gorgeous - but provide effective spinning action too!

On top of all this, you'll find Christian jewelry rings, unique gemstone rings, and even mixed metal rings. Upgrade your jewelry box today!

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