How to Take Care of Spinner Rings

How to Take Care of Spinner Rings to Keep Them Stunning & Functional

Want to learn how to take care of spinner rings to maximize their life? Our complete guide to spinner ring care will cover everything you need to know to maximize the value of this beautiful, functional piece of jewelry!

Spinner rings are an innovative new tool that can help people that struggle with anxious feelings, stress, or a general lack of focus. The outer band of the rings acts as a stable stationary point for the inner ring to move and twist. This inner ring functions to be twiddled and spun to engage the mind and relieve excess energy caused by negative emotions such as anxiety. 

And at Ideaure, our silver spinner rings for women are made from high-quality materials paired with masterful design to create a one-of-a-kind fashionable spinner ring for you. But to obtain the benefits of this accessory, you first need to know proper spinner ring care to extend its quality of life. 

Throughout this article, we’ll be detailing how to take care of spinner ring jewelry to maintain its quality and appearance so you can enjoy its benefits and fashionability for a lifetime! 

Why Learning How to Take Care of Spinner Rings is so Important

There are a few reasons why learning how to take care of spinner rings is so important. From maintaining appearance and performance quality, let’s dive into the importance of taking care of your spinner ring! 


By learning how to take care of spinner rings, you can maintain the appearance of your jewelry. Keeping this fashionable ring's refined look is easy if you know how to take care of it. Keep the bejeweled shine of the jewels or the prim engravings on the ring with proper cleaning upkeep.


You may be wondering, do anxiety rings work? And the great news is that they do!

Spinner rings can function to relieve feelings of anxiety and stress while also managing to engage concentration. By learning how to take care of spinner rings, you can keep the performance of your spinner ring in top shape by avoiding rusting, which can lag or hinder the movement of the inner ring. 

Unfortunately, this can prevent you from receiving the benefits of the spinner ring, which is easily avoidable by taking the time to care for your profitable jewelry piece. 

How to Take Care of Spinner Rings: Step-by-Step Guide

Knowing how to take care of spinner rings is crucial to avoid any potential damage to your jewelry piece. We’ve established a step-by-step guide on how to properly care for your spinner ring to keep it moving smoothly and retain its shiny appearance! 

Buy A High-Quality Spinner Ring

Knowing where to buy spinner rings for the best spinner ring is important as this can determine the quality of life for your spinner ring. 

At Ideaure, our spinner rings and other jewelry pieces are made with the highest quality materials to ensure a ring that will last a lifetime. The fidget spinner alternative boasts a crafted elegance and design that draws the eye for a breathtaking piece of jewelry.

These rings are made with sterling silver or gold, or a combination of the two, with intention placed in every minor detail of the crafted piece. With a spinner ring made with high-quality materials and masterful technique, you can guarantee that your spinner ring will be easier to maintain and take care of over time. 

Store It In A Safe Space

Storing it in a safe space is an easy way to prevent your spinner ring from suffering damage, whether from the elements, water, or scratches. If you’re not wearing the spinner ring, store it in a jewelry box or soft cloth pouch to protect the piece from damage.

These containers are ideal for spinner ring care as they are more inclined to gently store the ring and prevent any possible scrapes, cuts, or exposure to liquids such as water. 

Clean It Regularly 

One reason why your spinner ring isn’t spinning is most likely because it has rusted, not been cleaned properly, or has something blocking it. Knowing how to get sand out of a spinner ring can be helpful, but more importantly, learning how to clean spinner rings to prevent damage to the jewelry piece and protect it from rusting, busting, or other damage. 

Cleaning your spinner ring regularly can be the ultimate preventative measure to keeping your spinner ring prim, proper, and functional. Avoid using harsh chemicals, like chlorine, for spinner ring care, as this can damage the ring. Also, note that taking off your spinner ring when you go swimming (as there is chlorine in swimming pools) is recommended as a spinner ring care protection measure. 

Avoid using hot water when cleaning the spinner ring, as this can damage the ring’s refined properties. Instead, use cool water, mild soap, and a soft toothbrush to scrub off dirt or grime remnants gently. And if your spinner ring has any gemstones, avoid getting these pieces wet and use a soft cloth to clean them. 

Have A Professional Check It Once A Year

When it comes to resizing spinner rings and finding someone to fix spinner rings, this can be a tad tricky. In some cases, there may not be anything you can do to improve a spinner ring that’s been damaged, though this highly depends on the severity. 

Having a professional check your spinner ring once a year can function as a preventative means of keeping your ring clean and shiny. They may also be able to fix or prevent any possible issues with your spinner ring, like a rusted inner ring that’s not spinning well. 

Wrapping Up Our Guide on How to Take Care of Spinner Rings

Our detailed guide on step-by-step spinner ring care can help you extend the life of your jewelry and enjoy its benefits for a lifetime. 

At Ideaure, our high-quality spinner rings are made to last, exuding refinement and elegance that are perfect for upgrading your outfits. And that’s not all! We also boast other jewelry pieces, including gemstone rings for women, Christian rings, and mixed metal ring accessories to pick from. 

Upgrade your wardrobe today and access the benefits with Ideaure’s spinner rings today! 

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