How are Spinning Rings Made

How are Spinning Rings Made? The Entire Process Explained

If you are curious about how spinner rings are made, you've come to the right place. We're going to break it all down for you today! 

These are life-saving jewelry pieces to have around at any time because while they are not being used for stress or anxiety management, they can easily pass as a fashion accessory like any other rings you have in your jewelry boxes. 

Due to their ability to spin, spinner rings are called fidget rings, worry rings, or meditation rings. You can use them for stress management or keep your anxiety contained and reforge focus while working on tasks. The spinner ring’s effectiveness and portability make it the best fidget spinner alternative as well as a worthy replacement for other popular anxiety management gadgets.

How are spinning rings made? Here is a comprehensive metal smithing tutorial by Ideaure on how to make a simple spinner ring. 

How are Spinning Rings Made?

Spinner rings are unlike most other rings because they can spin. Their spinning ability is possible because of how spinner rings are made. They usually have two bands, one wide inner band and a thinner outer band that moves around the wide one. 

Before we dive into the main course, here are the materials you would need to make a spinner or spinning ring; 

  • 10 mm wide silver sheet with 60 mm length and 1mm thickness- for the base of the spinner ring (inner band)
  • 2 mm thick wire with 60 mm length- for the outer, thinner band.
  • Steel square- for marking the metals to get even edges.
  • Half-round file- to make the edge perfect.
  • Ring mandrel- for shaping the ring.
  • Bench leg and steel block - Hold the sheet while cutting and soldering.
  • Torch and gas: To apply heat to the metal sheet.
  • Flux and brush- The brush is used to apply flux to help the sheet join.
  • Rawhide mallet- to beat the ring into shape around the mandrel.
  • Safety goggles and mask: To protect your eyes and face.
  • Safety pickles: To clean up the mess on the ring caused by the solder.
  • Tweezers- To pick up the ring during the making.
  • Rapping punch- to make the ends flare.
  • Water- To cool down the metal after applying heat.
  • Sandpaper: To sand the ring after soldering.
  • Abrasive blocks- For tidying the ring 
  • Polishing papers or barrelling machine - for polishing the ring.

Here's a step-by-step instruction to answer your question, "how are spinning rings made?" ;

Step 1: Measure your silver sheet

Ensure that your silver sheet is 60mm, or use the measurement of the soon-to-be owner to get the perfect fit. Cut off the excess part and file the edge with your half-round file to make it even. Then remove the thin plastic film used to protect the metal surface.

Step 2: Get ready to Solder- Shaping 

Use your safety glasses and mask and mold the silver sheet around your ring mandrel. Depending on the sheet you use, you might have to torch it to make it easier to work on. In this case, you will probably not need to torch first because the metal is 1mm thick and bendable with bare hands. 

However, if you need to anneal the metal, simply torch the sheet, covering its Length, then use your tweezers to pick it up and drop it in your water bowl. Afterward, bend it around the ring mandrel and shape it with the rawhide mallet. Ensure that the edges touch after molding them around the mandrel.

Step 3: Let's solder!

Place your molded metal sheet between two solder blocks, and use your brush to apply some flux where the sheet joins. Then, use your torch to heat the whole metal evenly (medium heat) before focusing on the joined area. They flick your touch around the joint area until the flux melts and that part closes up. Then pick up the ring with your tweezer and drop it into the pickle solution. Remove and proceed to the next stage.

Step 4: Filing and sanding the base ring 

After the soldering stage, the next thing to do is to use the half-round file to smooth out the join in and out of the ring. Do this continuously until you don't have any solder disfiguring the ring shape. Then use the sandpaper to smooth out the joined area, in and out, until it is no longer visible.

Step 5: The second shaping and sizing

Because the base ring has gone through filing and sanding, it will be slightly out of shape and stretched. So, you must fit it along the mandrel again and reshape it using the ball pein hammer. While reshaping, you are also using the hammer to add some texture to the outer part of the ring. Ensure you turn the ring as you shape again to get all angles. Also, pay attention to the sizing as you beat the ring to maintain the required size.

Step 6: The making of the spinning outer band

Take your 2mm thick, 60mm silver wire and fix it around your ring mandrel. Then, beat it into shape with your rawhide hammer. Note that we use the same length side as the baseband because the silver wire will stretch while texturing.  After shaping, file the ends of your wires so that they meet perfectly.

Step 7: Soldering the outer band

Like you did earlier with the wide band, add some flux to the join of the silver wire and solder the area. First, apply heat evenly around the wire, then focus on the joined area until it closes. Pick the ring up with your tweezers and drop in the pickle solution. Then, remove and rinse with water.

Step 8: Flattening and reshaping

First, use your half-rounded file and sandpaper to smooth out the joined area until you cannot see the line. Then, place the ring on a block and beat it with your rawhide mallet to flatten the sides, get some texture, and reshape.

Step 9: Sizing, Tidying, and polishing 

As you shape the outer ring, keep fixing it on the inner band ring to ensure that you have the perfect sizing. The outer ring must be able to slide up the inner band, but not too loosely. After getting the right size, tidy and polish the rings separately with your polishing paper or barrelling machine.

Step 10: Final step- Flaring the base ring's ends

After polishing, fix the outer ring in the base ring and place your dapping punch on its edge, then hit it with your ball pein hammer until it flares. Do the same on the other side until the outer band cannot fall off from both ends. After that, use your sandpaper to tidy up the edges and polish again for a nice finish.

There! Your spinner ring is ready! You can customize it with gemstones, inscriptions, and more to suit your preference.

Why Finding Spinner Rings That are Made Correctly is so Important

Spinner rings are everywhere, but not all of them are quality. Here's why you should buy a spinner ring made correctly; 

Longevity: Quality Materials & Expert Craftsmanship Ensure the Ring Lasts Long

The making of a spinner ring has a lot to do with how long it lasts. A spinner ring made with quality material by an expert usually comes out strong, lasting longer than those made shabbily. At Ideaure, our rings are crafted with the highest quality metals, gemstones and other materials to give you the best. We guarantee you long-lasting spinner rings that can be passed from generation to generation.

Function: To Help Anxiety, the Ring Needs Effortless Spinning Action

Do anxiety rings work? Well, it depends on their spinning prowess. Its ability to spin effortlessly makes a spinner ring an antidote for anxiety and stress. Without that, all you have is another ring, just like any other one in your jewelry box. Ensuring that you find a spinner ring made to perfection is important because it guarantees that the ring can spin. 

Style: You Want the Ring to Look Beautiful Beyond Just Helping You With Anxiety/Focus

Just because spinner rings are used for stress and anxiety management doesn't mean they have to look crude. Spinner rings made correctly will not only last long or function effectively, but they will also pass as a fashion piece effortlessly because of their stunning finishing.

Where Can You Find Spinning Rings Made to Perfection?

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Parting Thoughts on How Spinning Rings are Made

Spinner rings are absolutely gorgeous pieces that you should have in your jewelry collection. They are easy to make yet turn out to be priceless lifesavers for those who understand their functionality. Whether you are a beginner metalsmith or a curious admirer of spinner rings, our step-by-step tutorial will show you how these beauties are made in simple, comprehensive steps. Who knows? You may be able to make one someday too!

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