Do Spinner Rings Work for Weight Loss?

Do Spinner Rings Work for Weight Loss?

Losing some body weight has several health benefits and is considered safe as long as you do it the right way. Seeing that you are here, you probably heard about the claims that spinner rings can help their wearer lose some weight healthily. 

But do spinner rings work for weight loss? Due to this advertisement, many people have bought spinner rings, hoping they will help them shed some weight. However, that is not the case, as spinner rings are not scientifically proven to aid weight loss. 

How did we come to our conclusion on spinner rings and weight loss? Don't stop here, read the rest of the article to see everything we found out while seeking answers to the question, "do spinner rings work for weight loss?"

What are Weight Loss Rings, Exactly?

Weight loss rings are unique rings said to help people lose some weight. According to experts, the ring is worn on the toe to make contact with acupressure points responsible for burning body fats and reducing appetite. The ring then stimulates those pressure points and keeps your hunger in check. That way, your appetite will reduce, and your body will have just enough calories to go on instead of converting excess to fat. 

Acupressure generally helps to improve digestion, meaning your body can process the fat you consume better. It also increases metabolism in your body, allowing you to burn more calories and reduce fat storage.

Weight loss rings are usually prescribed by acupressure specialists to people who have difficulty losing weight, working out, and dieting. It is also a method people choose to skip the gym and make weight loss much easier.

It is important to note that this advertised prowess of slimming rings is only a claim yet to be proven scientifically. However, many people still try it anyway and give feedback on how it worked for them. 

See some of the claimed benefits of weight loss rings in the next section.

How do Spinner Rings Work for Weight Loss? Examining the Claims Made By Weight Loss Ring Companies

All around the internet today, you will find several jewelry companies advertising that their rings can help you shed weight. They say their spinner rings aid the following;

Improved Metabolism

Metabolism refers to how your body changes the food you eat into the energy you require daily. Having an improved metabolism means that the energy conversion process has become faster, and you can burn more calories. Simply put, the slimming ring companies mean that the rings can make your metabolic rate faster- enough to help you burn calories healthily. 

Increased Energy Levels

Many companies that market weight loss rings say that their rings can aid an increase in your energy levels. They claim that once you have an improved metabolism from wearing the slimming ring, you will experience heightened energy daily.

Promote Blood Circulation 

Another common selling point used to advertise weight loss rings is their ability to improve blood circulation. They claim that the rings soothe your fingers, aiding blood circulation from there and spreading it to your body. They say the stress on your fingers reduces, and pains are eliminated due to that.

So, Do Spinner Rings Work for Weight Loss?

To answer the question simply - No, spinner rings do not work for weight loss. They have their perks, but none have anything to do with burning calories, increasing energy levels, or improving blood circulation. There are special acupressure rings designed for weight loss, but several jewelry companies associate their benefits with spinner rings to sell their products.  

It is important to note that even the supposed acupressure weight loss rings are not yet confirmed to help people lose weight. It is advisable to go for verified methods of losing weight, like hitting the gym, eating healthily, and watching your diet to see noticeable results.

Tips for Weight Loss That Actually Work

Instead of waiting for slimming rings to help with your weight loss journey magically, it is advisable to pursue well-known methods to lose some weight healthily. We have compiled some of these practical ways of losing weight below to help you experience great results;

Follow a Healthy Diet

There's a popular saying that "you are what you eat," which is undeniably true. Maintaining a healthy diet that includes moderate meats, dairy and unsaturated fats, vegetables, fruits, and whole grains can control your weight gain rate. This nourishes your body and leaves less room for foods with excess fats and sugar, which are the leading causes of unhealthy weight gain.

Get Regular Exercise

Exercising regularly plays a huge role in improving your metabolic rates. It helps your body process calories faster and burns fats efficiently. According to fitness experts, interval cardio training works really well for weight loss. For instance, you can run for a minute, then slow down into a walk for about two minutes (repeat for 20 to 30 minutes).

Cut Sources of Stress

Studies have shown that stress can affect your everyday activities and make weight loss hard. So, it is important to reduce the things that increase your stress level and rest adequately. When your body is well-rested, you can act rationally and practice more self-control. You should get enough sleep at least 7 hours daily to help your body function normally and reduce unhealthy appetite and obesity.

Here’s What Spinner Rings DO Work For, Though….

That spinner rings don't work for weight loss doesn't mean they don't have perks- They ACTUALLY do.  If you are curious about the actual proven benefits that spinner rings have, here they are:

Keep Anxious Thoughts at Bay

Do spinner rings work for anxiety? Of course, they do! Many people use fidget spinners to contain their anxiety, nervousness, and other nerve-racking conditions. However,  many studies have proven that spinner rings are a worthy fidget spinner alternative when it comes to anxiety management. They are easy to carry around and have spinning abilities that help keep anxious thoughts contained. 

Increase Focus Throughout the Day

A spinner ring can come to your rescue when you feel distracted at your workplace, school, or meetings! You can simply spin the ring to refocus your attention on important tasks, just like you use stress balls and other stress relief gadgets. 

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Final Thoughts on Weight Loss Spinner Rings

Spinner rings are not designed to help with weight loss. So, the next time you see a company advertising spinner rings for weight loss, ignore them because it's a plot to make you buy.  Spinner rings are only proven to help with anxiety, stress, and focus problems and are also used for fashion. So, if you are buying a spinner ring, ensure it is for the right purposes. 

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