What is a Gemstone Ring

What is a Gemstone Ring & Why Do You Need One?

Rings are the perfect accessory no matter what your style is. And while there’s a purpose for all different types of rings, gemstone rings in particular are not only stunning, but serve a deeper purpose as well.

So what exactly are gemstone rings, what are they made out of, and why do people wear them? Continue reading through this guide as we dive deeper into each of the questions, and even give you some examples of the main types of gemstone rings that people wear. 

What is a Gemstone Ring?

Let’s first discuss what a gemstone ring is before we take a more in-depth look into why people want to wear them. Gemstone rings come in a wide range of colors, shapes, and styles, meaning anyone can find the gemstone ring that meets their preferences. 

Gemstone rings are fine pieces of jewelry that shimmer and dazzle in any setting, and can bring a touch of sparkle to anyone’s style. Both bold and elegant, a gemstone ring is the perfect option for any woman who wants to make a statement, while also showing an air of sophistication through the gem she has chosen. 

What is a Gemstone Ring Made From?

A gemstone ring typically features one or multiple gemstones, and are placed either on a silver or gold band. Common gems used in gemstone jewelry like rings include sapphires, amethyst, opal, garnets, and of course, diamonds.

There are countless other types of gems out there that people might wear as a ring, as there are gems available in every color of the rainbow. 

The gems themselves are formed naturally over hundreds of thousands of years under the surface of the Earth. They are created when rock gets worn down, and the minerals from those rocks get deposited into the cracks in the Earth. Those mineral deposits then get compressed over time and form crystals and gemstones.

Thus, the fascinating and lengthy process that goes into forming these gemstones add to their allure, making them a great choice for jewelry. 

Why Do People Wear Gemstone Rings?

Many people find a deeper meaning with gemstones, which is why they may want to feature them in their jewelry as opposed to plain metal designs. Full of symbolism, gemstone rings are so popular for a reason, in addition to their gorgeous and dazzling appearance. 

Of course, some people will choose to wear gemstone rings simply based on their stunning look and vibrant hues, though others see a deeper meaning in the gemstones themselves and have a distinct reason behind why they choose to wear certain gemstones in a given scenario.

With all of this in mind, we can now take a look at some of the main types of gemstone rings that people wear. Keep in mind that certain gemstones are hard and can withstand everyday use, while other gems that are softer should be better kept for wearing on special occasions. So, you’ll want to do your research about which type of gemstone ring you own, and what the best care is for that type of stone in order to maintain its beautiful appearance. 

The Different Types of Gemstone Rings

Gemstone rings can be worn for a variety of reasons or purposes, so let’s take a look at some of the most popular types of gemstone rings available today. 

Birthstone Rings

As you’re probably well aware, each month corresponds to a specific birthstone–like garnets for those born in January, diamonds for the April babies, rubies for those born in July, and all the others in-between.

Thus, every person has a birthstone, making birthstone rings particularly meaningful and special. So whether you’re buying one for yourself to celebrate a certain milestone or as a gift for someone else, birthstone rings are highly personalized and full of meaning. 

Engagement Rings

Any engagement ring is a special piece of jewelry, though a gemstone engagement ring packs even more meaning into the piece. Based on the person you’re getting it for, you may hand-select a certain gem that represents their qualities, or something you’re hoping for your future together.

The engagement ring has plenty of symbolism alone, and when you add a gemstone to it, you can tell even more of a story with the ring. Gemstone engagement rings are becoming more popular nowadays, as people are looking to explore options outside of diamonds and make the ring a little more personalized. 

Zodiac Sign Rings

On the same note as the birthstone rings, there is a gemstone that corresponds to each zodiac sign–like an aquamarine for Pisces or an emerald for Taurus.

For those that find a deep meaning and purpose in their zodiac sign, finding the corresponding gemstone ring can be a great gift idea or self-care purchase that can help the ring-wearer channel the energy of their zodiac. 

Why Our Gemstone Rings are a Must Have in Your Jewelry Collection

As you can see, gemstone rings are a staple for any woman. No matter if you’re obsessed with their look or attached to the symbolism behind each gem, we have the perfect gemstone rings for women here at Ideaure. 

If you’re after your birthstone or looking for a gemstone ring for that special someone, we have plenty of options that will exceed all your expectations. With gemstone rings featuring diamonds, blue topaz, garnets, and more, anyone can find the right gemstone ring to fit their desires.

Our mission at Ideaure is to always bring more sparkle and shine into the world, which is exactly what our gemstone rings accomplish. 

What is a Gemstone Ring? Wrapping Things Up

Now with a better idea of what gemstone rings are and why people would want to wear them, you can see what all the appeal is about. Available in any color of the rainbow and full of symbolism and meaning, it’s no surprise why these rings continue to grow in popularity.

Any woman can complement her natural beauty by dazzling with a gemstone ring, especially one from Ideaure. All of our rings are made from the most quality of materials, and made in stylish designs that make them look just as they feel on your finger.

And we don’t offer just gemstone rings–check out our other collections like our silver spinner rings, our Christian jewelry rings, and mixed metal rings. We truly have something for everybody, so don’t waste any more time and visit Ideaure today to find your new favorite ring. 

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