Jewelry: How to Find Your Style

Jewelry: How to Find Your Style

Discovering Your Unique Jewelry Style: Tips from a Seasoned Collector

In today's fast-paced world, finding your unique jewelry style and aesthetic can feel overwhelming with the sheer number of choices available. However, there's timeless wisdom to be found in the experiences of older women who have curated stunning and unique jewelry collections over the years. Most of these women don’t shop online, yet their collections are extensive and filled with uncommon pieces. How did they manage to establish such personal and distinctive collections?

Learn from the Masters of Collection

The secret, as shared by these women, is simple: they know their style and aesthetic. Whenever they’re in a new place, they take a quick moment to look through the windows of local jewelry stores. If they spot something that fits their style, they take a better look inside and often end up buying a piece on the spot. This mindful, intentional approach leads them to collect maybe a handful of pieces a year, but over the years, these pieces add up to an extraordinary collection.

Translating This Wisdom to the Digital Age

In the internet age, the challenge is translating this approach to online shopping. Here’s how you can apply this wisdom:

  1. Know Your Aesthetic: The first step is to understand and articulate your style and aesthetic. Knowing specific terms can help you search more effectively online. For example, my collection is almost entirely modernist, with a particular love for hammered jewelry.

  2. Use Specific Search Terms: Once you know the keywords associated with your style, use them to search online platforms like Google, Etsy, eBay, and other vintage jewelry sites. This helps narrow down the vast sea of options to pieces that truly resonate with your aesthetic.

  3. Regular Searches: Make it a habit to search for new pieces every month or two. This regular practice increases your chances of finding unique pieces, like the one-shot Etsy shop I found selling a rare collection of original two-toned jewelry in mint condition. I ended up purchasing three pieces right away.

  4. Explore Physical Stores: Don’t ignore the charm of physical stores. Whenever you come across a vintage shop or a local jewelry store, take a few minutes to look through their collection. You might get ideas for when you shop online as well.

For example, while browsing a local store, you might find a spinner ring that captures your playful yet sophisticated spirit, or a delicate, dainty piece that perfectly aligns with your minimalist aesthetic. These discoveries can become cherished parts of your collection, just like the bold, gemstone rings that might catch your eye during your online searches.

Bonus Tip: Local Designers

Pay special attention to local designers. Shops that carry local designer pieces often have the best selections of unique, high-quality jewelry. Don’t hesitate to ask about local designers when you visit a store. Locally designed jewelry is usually made with exceptional craftsmanship and designs you won’t find anywhere else. You can also find an example of that here.

Building Your Collection

By combining these strategies, you can slowly but surely build a jewelry collection that is uniquely yours. Here’s a quick recap:

  • Understand your style and aesthetic.
  • Use specific keywords to search online.
  • Search regularly to find new pieces.
  • Visit physical stores whenever possible.
  • Focus on local designers for unique and high-quality pieces.

Remember, the key to a stunning jewelry collection is not quantity but the uniqueness and personal resonance of each piece. Take your time, enjoy the hunt, and soon you’ll have a collection that truly reflects your individual style.

Happy collecting!

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